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Pilgrimage Magazine, founded in 1976, is published twice a year and is based in Pueblo, Colorado. The magazine is dedicated to exploring story, spirit, witness, and place in and beyond the American Southwest. We welcome creative nonfiction, fiction, poetry, translation submissions and feature one artist per issue.

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Volume 40 Issue 3: Ink & White Space

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A little over three years ago, I attended an ekphrastic workshop at the Smithsonian in Washington DC. It was organized by Letras Latinas and inspired by the exhibit, “Our America: The Latino Presence in American Art.” The exhibit and workshop traveled to other cities, letting the poets study, view, and then write poems inspired by the art, which went on to be published in several literary magazines. Fred Arroyo’s “Patio Dreams” is a product of this workshop and the collaborative spirit that brought together different communities and writers across the country. Ever since then, I have been noticing the way visual art and words influence each other, a realization that this connection has been there all along. Inspiration emerges in those moments when we slow down to appreciate our galleries, train cars tagged with vibrant graffiti, or sculptures that eclipse us in size. Some works in this issue are direct ekphrastic poems inspired by wonderful pieces of art, such as Danielle Beazer Dubrasky’s “What Is Visible” and Lisa Mullenneaux’s “Bellini’s St. Francis in Ecstasy”. I encourage you to do a quick search online to find the art that inspired them as you read the poems.

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